A Side Note on Humanity Obscure Behaviour

We are the cancer of our planet. We create our own problems, share them, and then try to solve some while exploiting our own fellows and empowering ourselves - we name it beauty. We spread terror, violence, myths in defense and covering of our actions - we call it demons. Our history signs all evidence, to our deathly route taken, as truth, since we started exploring. To negate that, we create laws, we elucidate the terms favourable to ourselves and dismember any opposed fact, burying it far down under our feet.

Inside an imaginable world, we live in. Absorbing all good from outside and defecating all else back.

I believe in a better world. You believe in a better world. We believe in a better world. The archetypal world created from our imaginary, uncontrolled and egocentric mind. The “better” world to accommodate our own butt as softly as we can. To reign our creative destructive persona to the welfare of me, myself and I.

We are the social amicable humans that survived, and we thank We for our stay.